Ti6Al4V is a high strength titanium alloy characterized by high corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and biocompatibility. Therefore, it has applications in the aerospace, automotive, medical, chemical, and oil and gas industries.

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Ti-6Al-4V Titanium, commonly referred to as 6Al-4V, is a 2-phase alpha-beta type Titanium alloy. It is a grade used primarily for wrought products, such as Round Bar, Flat Bar, Rolled Plate, and Forged Products. It is typically used in the annealed condition, at service temperatures through 750°F. However it may be heat treated for high strength in sections under 4″ thick.

Ti6Al4V is the most widely used titanium alloy. It features good machinability and excellent mechanical properties. The Ti6Al4V alloy offers the best all-round performance for a variety of weight reduction applications in aerospace, automotive and marine equipment. Ti6Al4V also has numerous applications in the medical industry. Biocompatibility of Ti6Al4V is excellent, especially when direct contact with tissue or bone is required.

Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Material Applications.
• wire based stents
• filters
• surgical instruments
• pacemaker
• leads and orthopedic implants
• Medical devices
• Dental products
• Turbine blades, discs and rings
• Aircraft structural components
• Weapons structural components
• Fasteners
• Hand tools
• Sporting equipment
• Chemical process equipment

AMS 4911, AMS 4920, AMS 4928, AMS 4935, AMS 4965, AMS 4967, ASME SB 265, ASME SB 348, ASME SB 861, ASTM B 265, ASTM B 348, ASTM B 861, EN 3.7164, EN 3.7165, UNS R56400
Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Available Forms.
• Sheet
• Strip
• Foil
• Profile (Shaped Wire)
• Round
• Flat

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